okay, i get it.

Yes, I realize I am (very) late to the party on this one, but I learned something this weekend…

Organic produce tastes better.  Or maybe it’s organic produce from the new PCC down the street.  I’m honestly not sure, but here’s what I can say: I have spent too long looking for the deal, trying to save $0.10 on a bag of grapes.  So much so that I will on any given Sunday, visit three grocery stores for the satisfaction of having paid the least for everything we need.  This past weekend was a different story.


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sunday morning

It has been so nice to slow things down this weekend.  I yogi’d the heck out of Friday and Saturday, I puppy-sat, I paid the mortgage, I cooked, I read, I even listened to a podcast (This American Life – you’d enjoy this one).  I’m trying to really enjoy these moments and the week to come because August gets crazy starting next weekend.  Here’s to lazy Sunday mornings.

And yes, our newest family member is going to be here soon.  I’ll definitely stop with the stock kitten photos as soon as we meet him/her.


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It’s amazing sometimes how wrapped up we get in the day to day of life, that we (or I?) forget to take a moment to appreciate what we have from time to time.

As I mentioned, last night was date night.  It was a lovely evening with great food and delicious drinks, but the gratitude comes in with our hotel stay.  We arrived at the Renassiance, and unlike a couple of years ago when I randomly won an overnight at the Pan Pacific, there was  nothing special about this room.  No reason to hang out for  hours, enjoying the luxuries not normally ours.  We did for the record, enjoy the free champagne and a few rounds of Speed before dinner.  When was the last time you played Speed?

So we joked a bit about checking out and heading home, and we didn’t, but I thought about that again today as we were leaving.  How lucky are we to have a home we love so much and are so comfortable in, that we’d prefer it over a fancy (or maybe not as fancy as we thought) downtown hotel.  I thought about gratitude again tonight during yoga.  How fortunate I am to be able to hop in my little car and drive five minutes to a studio I enjoy this much, and then to be able bodied enough to take and truly enjoy the class.  And now, to start the week well-rested, well-stretched and strengthened, and well-fed.  Grateful.

getting out there

I have a ten-miler to do today, and the NFL is calling my name.  Fantasy Football is back, and I don’t know why but I get far too much joy out of watching my StatTracker while I flip back and forth between the NFC and the AFC.  WAY too much joy.  In honor of the Sunday that I should (and will) be having, here’s a little reminder, to myself and to you.