my kinda kitchen

I’m so excited.  We had our first real meeting about the kitchen and while patience is not my virtue, and therefore it feels like one million years away that it’ll actually happen, it’s going to be our kitchen.  Exactly what we want.  Our cabinets, our countertops, our drawers (yes, drawers! can you believe the house had NONE?).

So here’s where I we start:

gray cabinetry and white quartz countertops

gray cabinetry and white quartz countertops

built in hiding spaces for the ninja & the keurig

built in hiding spaces for the ninja & the keurig

a double farm sink below the window

a double farm sink below the window

Space is limited, so no built-in island, but what am I missing?

Good lookin’

In the era of visual overload, we have access to pictures of everything and anything all the time. It is a great hallmark of the internets, and I find it endlessly curious how scanning pictures can make me feel calmer, happier, at ease. I guess this is the age old practice of taking in art, what is beautiful or striking to you in some way.

As I review what peeks my interest, and look for the patterns, the images that I am drawn to so represent pieces of a life I may always be in the work of manifesting.

Here are some I’m feeling today:





Home bouquet


In another life, is be a flower person. I’d grow them. Arrange them. Make pretty with them. For now, they live in the land of specialist treats. To make a change air transition, to perk up my space, to gift a dear heart. More than expensive gifts, flowers really feel to me like a showering of love. In a happier moment, I used to think that cut flowers were… Bad. Buy a plant already! Enjoy life that continues to grow and develop. The thing is, have you ever had a hunch of peonies in your home. Ohmygod. The transformation and opening each bud goes through in a week is almost heartbreakingly beautiful.

My next home, will have regular flowers. And a kitchen banquet, and a sun filled living room, and exposed brick, and will be off the ground floor. I know this because WE GOT AN APARTMENT TODAY. Dream neighborhood, 2 blocks from Caitlin, close to trains. No guarantors (this was a major source of stress for me) – we got this all on our own.

2 years into nyc and a home shall be made! Now, for that tiny pinching detail. I have a month between homes! Yikes! Luckily, along trip to New Orleans will break up a month of couch surfing. And, that month of rent will help with set-up costs.

This is going to be so good!

Full moon

I am all about taking responsibility for my moods, feelings, and mind stuff.

But sometimes, when you wake up, have to change your outfit 6 times, feel
un-characteristically puffy faced, and actually groan out loud on your way out the door while saying your own name to yourself, there are external things that can take the blame.


Luckily, this thing is so big and so luminous, it can handle it.


And, thanks to its great beauty, cyclical nature, and mythical meaning, acts as a reminder to slow down and take a deep breath.


And/but I’m always a little relieved when the fullest moment has passed.