oh monday

Had a busy, busy end to the week.  Travel to the Bay for interviews, a lovely Father’s Day celebration at my Marin fav Terrapin Crossroads, complete with the entertainment of watching the Dead Heads come together for a Phil Lesh show, finally painting over the mint green color that has consumed our downstairs since we moved in, furniture delivery, furniture buying, lawn mowing, and getting back to basics with my favorite Sunday yoga class.

My favorite Sunday yoga class… my favorite yoga class.  75 minutes with the best teacher.  There are a number of them at CorePower, but in my opinion, Sarah is top dog.  She always inserts a little education at the start and you feel like you are dancing through the flow.  She is encouraging and the class is challenging.  Such a great way to end the weekend/start the week.   My own kind of church, you could say.

Here’s to no travel in the near future, and lots and lots of yoga.

Lost of crow pose yesterday.  Just wish I looked this way when I did it.

Lost of crow pose yesterday. Just wish I looked this way when I did it.

I did this.  I was the other way around, but I did this.

I did this. I was the other way around, but I did this.

After weeks of travel, there isn't much a crave more than feeling strong and flexible.

After weeks of travel, there isn’t much a crave more than feeling strong and flexible.

morning song

There’s still a record store down the street that you can wander into, throw on some headphones, and pretend you’re in Empire Records.  I love it.  We found ourselves in Sonic Boom in last week and I picked up an album that, admittedly, until I was searching for this video, I didn’t know the name of.  Obsessed with this song – just waiting for them to play it at yoga.  Enjoy!

euro vacay: pt ii

I’m in a hotel in Atlanta navigating the space between the west coast -> east coast time change, daylight savings and a mid-afternoon arrival.  Is it lunchtime or dinner?  And when is bedtime?

It’s dreary and rainy, so I’m going nowhere tonight, and my new (and much needed) spring work wardrobe will officially be out of place all week.  So much for sunshine.  But I’m okay with it, because I’m alive.  I had a very, very scary flight in.  Somewhere over Alabama I thought the plane was going down, and no – I’m not exaggerating.  When the flight attendant asks a passenger to hold her down if she can’t get to her seat, you’re in trouble.  I’m here, safe and sound, so enough about that.

Let’s talk LONDON.  Thank you for the blog rec, Em!  This is exactly what I needed.

I now have my heart set on a concert at Ain’t Nothin But… (no idea who’s playing in July, but check out the current lineup)


A walk through Kensington Palace Garden


And a visit to the Natural History Museum, though admittedly I think I’m most excited for the architecture



What else, folks?




48 Days

We have gone 48 days without rain in Seattle…until now.  Can you believe it?  To all the haters out there who think all we do is splash in puddles and search for Sasquatches, ha!  Couldn’t have had a more beautiful summer.

That said, the last time our city did this it was 1951 and it was 51 days.  So yes, it’s a bit rare.  Regardless, I eagerly await a little cozy drizzle outside my window today, and I’ll be ready for 79 and sunny on Friday, just in time for a little BBQ.  Best of both worlds!