weekend update: homebody

I admit it… I spent a lot of time at home this weekend.  But it felt so good.  Friday evening was brown sugar & honey marinated salmon and quinoa salad on the couch with one of my faves, Saturday was my inaugural visit to Flywheel Seattle (I was put in my place, to say the least) and my inaugural visit with one of the cutest 8-week(ish) old dudes around (weekend regret is not getting the camera out – I’ll snap some pics next time), and Sunday was a ridiculous amount of R&R, yoga…and House of Cards.  I also ate a whole watermelon.  To myself.  They are in season and you should get yours.

I didn’t get a picture of dinner on Friday, but I did capture my “leftover hash” in the making today.  It’s become a hobby of mine on Sunday mornings to throw whatever veggies/starch I have in the fridge into a pan, fry it up, top it off with some Herbs de Provence, and add a couple eggs.  Always different and always delicious.

This one was caramelized onions, mushrooms, quinoa and new potatoes.  I would have loved to have had some beets laying around.

Caramelized onions, mushrooms, quinoa and new potatoes. I would have loved to have had some beets laying around.

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(this) weekend update

The theme of the weekend was definitely “outside”.  I came home on Friday (my first real Friday home since we moved in) and dug right into building the first of two Adirondacks (Cost Plus, $99, easy-to-build).  I’ve been waiting so long for these, I didn’t know what to do with myself when it was done.  I honestly just stood there and stared.  I still do when I catch a glimpse of it through the back door.  That I don’t have to cross my fingers on approach to the coffee shop in hopes one is a) available, and b) in the sun, feels nothing short of a miracle.

Okay, I’m dramatic.  I just love it.  So much.  If you would like to hang out with me this summer, you’ll find me here:

Loki guards the Adirondack, and my beer.  He knows what's up.

Loki guards the Adirondack, and my beer. He knows what’s up.

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my kinda kitchen

I’m so excited.  We had our first real meeting about the kitchen and while patience is not my virtue, and therefore it feels like one million years away that it’ll actually happen, it’s going to be our kitchen.  Exactly what we want.  Our cabinets, our countertops, our drawers (yes, drawers! can you believe the house had NONE?).

So here’s where I we start:

gray cabinetry and white quartz countertops

gray cabinetry and white quartz countertops

built in hiding spaces for the ninja & the keurig

built in hiding spaces for the ninja & the keurig

a double farm sink below the window

a double farm sink below the window

Space is limited, so no built-in island, but what am I missing?

The things we take for granted

Such as… a silverware drawer.  You heard me.  Who doesn’t have a silverware drawer??

When we were looking for houses, I made a mental checklist of a dozen or more very specific things I wanted to make sure would be in whatever spot we chose.  Never in a million years did I think this would need to be on the list.  It’s amazing, the things you don’t think about and take for granted every day.  I know it sounds ridiculous, and in the big picture, it’s really NBD, but seriously??  Also on that list – a junk drawer, the egg shelf in my fridge, and a spot in the bathroom for both Sonicare toothbrushes.   Who knew…

Which leads me to the Pinterest board currently getting the most action: Small Space Solutions.  Not the most beautiful, but oh so useful.


A home for cutting boards


A pretty place to store all kinds of odds and ends… cat food, tea bags, chip clips, vitamins, and all the junk that normally goes in the junk drawer…


A place for aluminum foil


Our fridge doesn’t take magnets. Whaaaaaa???


More options for cutting boards and cookie sheets


Ah yes, our new silverware drawer.

instant relax


As Bay Area girls, there is nothing like rolling hills and a little fog to set in a perfect, middle of the day respite session. So, here is to a Tuesday afternoon deep breath. As the NYC hospital hustle starts to infiltrate it’s way back into my body – and the miles on concrete into my feet and calves – it does a girl right to think about the wet foggy air, dirt packed hiking, and endless sight seeing, view taking spots that our homeland provides.

Thank god for magic! power of our imaginations, so able to sweep us up for a moment, leaving us in the perfect spot. I’m okay with a little fantasy today.