weekend update: homebody

I admit it… I spent a lot of time at home this weekend.  But it felt so good.  Friday evening was brown sugar & honey marinated salmon and quinoa salad on the couch with one of my faves, Saturday was my inaugural visit to Flywheel Seattle (I was put in my place, to say the least) and my inaugural visit with one of the cutest 8-week(ish) old dudes around (weekend regret is not getting the camera out – I’ll snap some pics next time), and Sunday was a ridiculous amount of R&R, yoga…and House of Cards.  I also ate a whole watermelon.  To myself.  They are in season and you should get yours.

I didn’t get a picture of dinner on Friday, but I did capture my “leftover hash” in the making today.  It’s become a hobby of mine on Sunday mornings to throw whatever veggies/starch I have in the fridge into a pan, fry it up, top it off with some Herbs de Provence, and add a couple eggs.  Always different and always delicious.

This one was caramelized onions, mushrooms, quinoa and new potatoes.  I would have loved to have had some beets laying around.

Caramelized onions, mushrooms, quinoa and new potatoes. I would have loved to have had some beets laying around.

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Eating In



I am lucky to have a house guest right now that loves to cook. And grocery shop. After a little med diagnostic test that left me foodless for two days and totally empty on the other side, I am feeling more excited than ever to eat well and eat at home. Said house guest is providing little reminders that making your own food isn’t so hard. And she is dropping her pearls of wisdom about a wheat free and dairy free life. While I am not sold, and constantly attempt to integrate and manage a healthy relationship to food (which generally for me does not mean eliminating entire food groups) I am taking pause. The New York pace swept up a lot of my healthiest habits and dropped in things of convenience. And while I love me a bagel and cream cheese, I miss the beauty of making simple foods regularly. 

This goes into the bucket list for the new house as well. Yesterday: flowers: Today: real, simple food. 



Cook for me?

Ok, ok. I know I need to post a dateupdate. It’s coming. He is not the love of my life. More on this later.

In the meantime, know what the love of my life might do? COOK LIKE THIS. My hunger has been all over the place as of recent. Call it the ebb and flow of transition: ravenously hungry to no apetite in a flash. Something that helps me in both instances is making my food pretty. It both slows me down and encourages me when I would rather eat quickly with little attention or skip a meal entirely.

Here is what’s inspiring me today.