They are the best.  I think everybody has had a few bummer birthdays – expectations set too high, or perhaps there wasn’t enough ice cream cake – but for the most part, they are that one day a year when everything you do or feel should be extra special.

I never work on my birthday.  When I was in school, it was during summer break, and since then I’ve just always made a point of taking the day off work.  This, along with lunch and shopping with my pops, are my lifelong traditions.

This year might be one of my favorites.  Highlights I didn’t capture on “film” include waking up to roses and treats from our local coffee shop (a mocha from Zoka – thank you for the suggestion, Teeny – Joe, you’ve been outed), Sculpt at CorePower to all my favorite Top 40 hits, a mani/pedi, blonder more sun-kissed hair, and a glass of rose with the honey in the yard before dinner.

Given that many in my life have learned to call July my birthday month, or at the least the first week my birthday week, I think I’ve gotten pretty good at this.  So, here are my top seven recs for having a great day:

1. Take some time to wash away any expectations of what will be.

2. Also take some time to decide what you can do for you.

3. Buy yourself something totally cray.  Like, I don’t know, a shimmering gold yoga warm-up jacket.

I don't usually do true selfies, but the jacket just had to be showcased.  50% off at the studio, say whaaaat?  It was meant to be.

I don’t usually do true selfies, but the jacket just had to be showcased. 50% off at the studio, say whaaaat? It was meant to be.

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Favorite Gifts

I can’t think of one gift I got this holiday season that I didn’t love.  There were a few, however, that surprisingly…stood out.

  1. Philz Coffee – Philtered Soul
    So simple.  So perfect.  It’ll never be the same as when I walk into the storefront and they add that extra sprig of mint, but this is a good second best.
  2. Nail polish
    I have such a hard time spending my money on manicures, so adding a handful of new colors to my collection makes that more fun.
  3. Gym membership
    Thanks pops!  What’s worse than seeing that come out of your bank account each month?  And no, I don’t think paying off my car was an option.
  4. Handheld mixer
    Already made cookies and smoothies!
  5. 319EzbKsuELVelour leggings
    I know.  This one is weird.  And it started as a joke gift from the honey.  But I put them on last night and they are amazing.  Yes, they have pockets and a fake zipper. No, I don’t care.

What were yours?

Mega surprise!


My blogging and tech life just exploded with this incredibly generous graduation gift from my aunt and uncle. My bed looks a little like a mini mac store. While I hail from a tech friendly family, I am actually not so good at integrating my Apple tools into my life. That said, I want this gift to get the most use possible. What are your suggestions for apps? How would you use an iPad?

At the very least, I hope it gets me writing here with more regularity again. I’ll keep you posted on the ways I make this thing worth every penny that was spent on it.