They are the best.  I think everybody has had a few bummer birthdays – expectations set too high, or perhaps there wasn’t enough ice cream cake – but for the most part, they are that one day a year when everything you do or feel should be extra special.

I never work on my birthday.  When I was in school, it was during summer break, and since then I’ve just always made a point of taking the day off work.  This, along with lunch and shopping with my pops, are my lifelong traditions.

This year might be one of my favorites.  Highlights I didn’t capture on “film” include waking up to roses and treats from our local coffee shop (a mocha from Zoka – thank you for the suggestion, Teeny – Joe, you’ve been outed), Sculpt at CorePower to all my favorite Top 40 hits, a mani/pedi, blonder more sun-kissed hair, and a glass of rose with the honey in the yard before dinner.

Given that many in my life have learned to call July my birthday month, or at the least the first week my birthday week, I think I’ve gotten pretty good at this.  So, here are my top seven recs for having a great day:

1. Take some time to wash away any expectations of what will be.

2. Also take some time to decide what you can do for you.

3. Buy yourself something totally cray.  Like, I don’t know, a shimmering gold yoga warm-up jacket.

I don't usually do true selfies, but the jacket just had to be showcased.  50% off at the studio, say whaaaat?  It was meant to be.

I don’t usually do true selfies, but the jacket just had to be showcased. 50% off at the studio, say whaaaat? It was meant to be.

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just for you

We just got off the phone, and as you know…I’m in the office.  Which should be reason enough to stop dilly dallying, finish my emails, hit the road and get back to the cherished weekend.

But alas, while I was talking to you I came across a couple oh so special images on Pinterest that I just had to share.  Clearly mercury was in retrograde, or my saturn was returning, or quite simply the planets aligned and Pinterest was telling me you needed a little somethin’ somethin’.

When you’re feeling blue, do the flying squirrel…

dancing squirrel

I don’t know why this one, but who doesn’t love the lib?


Don’t forget, in the end it’s all about you.


home, sweet, sweet home.


My beautiful picture

I am just so ready for some R & R in the Bay.  Looking forward to meeting and seeing the TVC babes, visiting with NorCal’s newest bride-to-be and her honey, a little ladies night out (or what Beana calls “grown-ups night out”), and some good grubbin’ with the fam.

I keep wondering when I’ll stop calling it home.  I’ve lived in Seattle for over eleven years now; I’ve never lived in the Bay as an adult; and I don’t actually physically have a home in Marin anymore.  Yet the comfort that comes to mind when I think of driving down East Blithedale, wandering downtown Mill Valley with a cup of coffee, over-caffinating myself with cup after cup of Philz coffee, driving over the bridge (any of them), and watching the sun set over the bay, is like nothing else.  It just feels right.

The twist…I now get that same feeling driving home on 99, passing by the Seattle skyline, crossing the Ballard Bridge, and pulling into my cozy abode in Ballard.  On even the worst of days I consider myself lucky for these two loves.

bitterroot ‘n blooms

What a relaxing Sunday.  Very, very late brunch with the ladies, a walk through the Farmer’s Market, reading, and yet another Oscar nominated movie – this time from my couch.   I’ve seen some really good ones, but I think my vote is still for Silver Linings Playbook.  Loved.  Oh, and did I mention that the sun came out this weekend?

my valentine's flowers basking in the sunlight

my valentine’s flowers basking in the sunlight

never had a bite I didn't like at bitterroot

never had a bite I didn’t like at bitterroot

such wonderful company

such wonderful company

tulips at the market - a sure sign spring is around the corner

tulips at the market – a sure sign spring is around the corner

I hope you are also enjoying the long weekend!  Loki is prepping for a furcut tomorrow and I am looking forward to all kinds of productivity.  Taxes, dry cleaning, liquid plumber, airport pickup.  Oh yes, Happy Presidents Day.