pont du gard

Europe was amazing – all of it.  Which is why I’ve found it so difficult to answer the question, “what was the best part?”.   All if it.  Absolutely all of it!  I had no idea I’d like Paris as much as I did, no idea I’d find London so interesting, and definitely no idea this place even existed.  Pont Du Gard is a 2000 year old Roman Aquaduct AND a national recreation area.  I loved it.  Hiking up above it, walking across it, and splashing in the clear water below it.  Loved it!  I wished I’d brought some camping gear and the freedom to stick around.

IMG_6204 IMG_6213 IMG_6222 IMG_6223 IMG_6225 IMG_6229

That second to last one is 180 year old graffiti.  Tagging in the 1830’s…



it will be nice to go to Nice


I got super overwhelmed this weekend.  We had a Europe planning session on Sunday afternoon, we covered quite a bit, and yet it was only the tip of the iceberg.

I am not complaining – this is going to be spectacular.  However, we are squeezing a lot into two weeks.  I know this because honey has created a full blown Excel workbook of our trip.  This is not a joke.  We have now calculated every awake hour of every day in each location.  I’m surprised I don’t yet know what time I’m waking up on July 13th.

Still not complaining.  I read somewhere once that couples typically have one planner and one “wing-it”er(?), I just never expected myself to be the latter. It’s kind of amazing.  My only real concern happened when I realized we only have about 24 awake hours in the South of France.  The relaxing part of the trip.  My favorite part of the trip.

This part of the trip…


à faire

According to google translate, that’s french for “to do”.  I’m practically fluent.

A week ago we were so very closing to clicking “buy” on our tickets to Europe, so close in fact, that knowing we’d be spending a good amount of time in France, I googled “best things to do in France”.  The website I stumbled upon was awesome, and even more awesome was it’s list of the 10 most beautiful places to see in France.


Mont Saint-Michel…   Continue reading