(this) weekend update

The theme of the weekend was definitely “outside”.  I came home on Friday (my first real Friday home since we moved in) and dug right into building the first of two Adirondacks (Cost Plus, $99, easy-to-build).  I’ve been waiting so long for these, I didn’t know what to do with myself when it was done.  I honestly just stood there and stared.  I still do when I catch a glimpse of it through the back door.  That I don’t have to cross my fingers on approach to the coffee shop in hopes one is a) available, and b) in the sun, feels nothing short of a miracle.

Okay, I’m dramatic.  I just love it.  So much.  If you would like to hang out with me this summer, you’ll find me here:

Loki guards the Adirondack, and my beer.  He knows what's up.

Loki guards the Adirondack, and my beer. He knows what’s up.

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loki made the big leagues

I leave town for a few days, and the next thing I know, Loki is on the big screen!  Or more accurately the little screen, called youtube, with Henri le Chat Noir, who is…hella famous.  So his appearance lasts a mere three seconds, he’s still a star in my eyes.  Next thing you know, there will be a video featuring Loki el Perro Especial.  Check it.

I Hella Heart Portland

I had the most beautiful run on Tuesday morning in Lake Oswego.

I also had an amazing time catching up with my Basement and Loki’s little girlfriend, Carlin.   She’s a little cray, but very endearing.

Carlin, the crazy little doggy.

And, as always…found an excuse to have an almond croissant at Saint Honore Bakery.
I hope I’m never actually gluten-free or allergic to wheat, because this croissant could be my favorite thing ever to eat.


Here’s to yoga and running; croissants and coffee shops; bubble baths and good books.  Have a happy, relaxing weekend, my dear.

Woman’s Best Friend

Ode to my dog.  He’s just about the best.  He accompanied me to work today and kept good company during an hour and a half web hosted staff meeting.  I love my job, so it’s not that I would have been miserable without him.  More that he is the icing on the cake.  Always waiting at the front door when I come back from the bathroom, quietly napping in his bed during conference calls, a great excuse for fresh air, and friend to everybody in the office – even those whose feelings toward me may be questionable.

Annie was thoughtful enough to capture a few not so VP-like moments between Loki and I during the staff meeting.  Loki, is happymaking.

He really hugs!

Beana was the first to show me he'd lie belly up on my lap.