weekend update: homebody

I admit it… I spent a lot of time at home this weekend.  But it felt so good.  Friday evening was brown sugar & honey marinated salmon and quinoa salad on the couch with one of my faves, Saturday was my inaugural visit to Flywheel Seattle (I was put in my place, to say the least) and my inaugural visit with one of the cutest 8-week(ish) old dudes around (weekend regret is not getting the camera out – I’ll snap some pics next time), and Sunday was a ridiculous amount of R&R, yoga…and House of Cards.  I also ate a whole watermelon.  To myself.  They are in season and you should get yours.

I didn’t get a picture of dinner on Friday, but I did capture my “leftover hash” in the making today.  It’s become a hobby of mine on Sunday mornings to throw whatever veggies/starch I have in the fridge into a pan, fry it up, top it off with some Herbs de Provence, and add a couple eggs.  Always different and always delicious.

This one was caramelized onions, mushrooms, quinoa and new potatoes.  I would have loved to have had some beets laying around.

Caramelized onions, mushrooms, quinoa and new potatoes. I would have loved to have had some beets laying around.

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California Living in New York

I love being a Californian in New York. Living in such a different environment, surrounded by so many cultures, and a city culture that literally epitomizes the opposite of the bay, has allowed me to understand myself in new ways. And, in many ways embrace my west coastness (as I can understand it as such by being away).

That said, I want a California kitchen in new york. You will be hearing a lot about homes from me as I get my search on. For me, kitchen and bedroom are the most important factors. Oh yeah, and claw foot tub. But you know, let’s start with the basics. If I was designing my own space, it might look something like this:


tableOk, a mini version of the table. but YES to feeding the people I love. Yes to simple and beautiful and full of nourishment.

Hey, that might just be my mantra for this year: simple and beautiful and full of nourishment.