oh monday

Had a busy, busy end to the week.  Travel to the Bay for interviews, a lovely Father’s Day celebration at my Marin fav Terrapin Crossroads, complete with the entertainment of watching the Dead Heads come together for a Phil Lesh show, finally painting over the mint green color that has consumed our downstairs since we moved in, furniture delivery, furniture buying, lawn mowing, and getting back to basics with my favorite Sunday yoga class.

My favorite Sunday yoga class… my favorite yoga class.  75 minutes with the best teacher.  There are a number of them at CorePower, but in my opinion, Sarah is top dog.  She always inserts a little education at the start and you feel like you are dancing through the flow.  She is encouraging and the class is challenging.  Such a great way to end the weekend/start the week.   My own kind of church, you could say.

Here’s to no travel in the near future, and lots and lots of yoga.

Lost of crow pose yesterday.  Just wish I looked this way when I did it.

Lost of crow pose yesterday. Just wish I looked this way when I did it.

I did this.  I was the other way around, but I did this.

I did this. I was the other way around, but I did this.

After weeks of travel, there isn't much a crave more than feeling strong and flexible.

After weeks of travel, there isn’t much a crave more than feeling strong and flexible.

are allergies contagious?

I’m serious.  I think I picked one up while we were in Turkey.

Better put, I think I picked one up from Joe sometime in the last year or so, and it manifested while we were in Turkey.  I am self-diagnosing myself allergic to wheat.

Without going into too much detail, I can honestly say that I’ve been testing this theory since we returned (Saturday afternoon) and I’m “winning” the tests.  All signs point to allergic.   Continue reading

okay, i get it.

Yes, I realize I am (very) late to the party on this one, but I learned something this weekend…

Organic produce tastes better.  Or maybe it’s organic produce from the new PCC down the street.  I’m honestly not sure, but here’s what I can say: I have spent too long looking for the deal, trying to save $0.10 on a bag of grapes.  So much so that I will on any given Sunday, visit three grocery stores for the satisfaction of having paid the least for everything we need.  This past weekend was a different story.


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Morning routine

I’m slowly figuring out how to have manhattan in my life while working in Long Island and living in dear Brooklyn. It’s been interesting. And by interesting I mean I have been actively grieving the loss of the city daily. This has led to fits of mental hysteria, answers and ideas to fix the situation ranging from quitting my job and traveling the world (ok, maybe that has to do with commitment issues more than anything), moving into the city immediately, finding the person of my dreams who happens to own a loft in SOHO (that fantasy has probably always been there) and finally, shelling out another $130 a month in transportation costs so I can easily go back and forth.

The last option is the most reasonable. It’s not even hysterical. Just expensive. All in all, I still spend less than I would if I had a car, and my body remains my form of transportation, which is key.

The point being, change is hard and I effing love manhattan. It’s funny. This is not a cool thing currently. It’s I finitely cooler than Long Island. But folks this days are so into Brooklyn. You’d think I had betrayed the early thirties posse by dreaming of manhattan.

But who cares about cool. I moved here for the city. Period. Early career moves are about dues paying. And I am dumping my chips in the bank that will one day love me into the city with a commute that only consists of walking. No subway even. I want that option.

In the meantime, viva la Long Island Railroad.


instant relax


As Bay Area girls, there is nothing like rolling hills and a little fog to set in a perfect, middle of the day respite session. So, here is to a Tuesday afternoon deep breath. As the NYC hospital hustle starts to infiltrate it’s way back into my body – and the miles on concrete into my feet and calves – it does a girl right to think about the wet foggy air, dirt packed hiking, and endless sight seeing, view taking spots that our homeland provides.

Thank god for magic! power of our imaginations, so able to sweep us up for a moment, leaving us in the perfect spot. I’m okay with a little fantasy today.