(this) weekend update

The theme of the weekend was definitely “outside”.  I came home on Friday (my first real Friday home since we moved in) and dug right into building the first of two Adirondacks (Cost Plus, $99, easy-to-build).  I’ve been waiting so long for these, I didn’t know what to do with myself when it was done.  I honestly just stood there and stared.  I still do when I catch a glimpse of it through the back door.  That I don’t have to cross my fingers on approach to the coffee shop in hopes one is a) available, and b) in the sun, feels nothing short of a miracle.

Okay, I’m dramatic.  I just love it.  So much.  If you would like to hang out with me this summer, you’ll find me here:

Loki guards the Adirondack, and my beer.  He knows what's up.

Loki guards the Adirondack, and my beer. He knows what’s up.

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weekend update: cassava

This post is much delayed, but I have a good excuse: in the best way possible, it’s been nonstop with the house.  So many little projects filling up all those 15-45 minute chunks of time I find during the week, and in this case weekend.  And I promise to share those with you.

For now, my weekend update… from a week ago – I was in the Bay for all of 36 hours, so I stayed in the Outer Sunset with Andyman and Anne on Thursday, and with the pops on Friday night.  The kids wanted to do a fun dinner on Thursday, so Andy and Anne took me to Cassava, a small, cozy and cute little spot in the Outer Richmond I now highly recommend, to anybody and certainly those who are gluten/wheat-free. No promises to the GF, because all I am looking to eliminate is wheat, but ordering was cinch and I wasn’t very limited.

photo 1-10


i think i learned this weekend that these are hydrangeas…copycat decor in the house coming on the next post.

i think i learned this weekend that these are hydrangeas…copycat decor in the house coming on the next post.

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are allergies contagious?

I’m serious.  I think I picked one up while we were in Turkey.

Better put, I think I picked one up from Joe sometime in the last year or so, and it manifested while we were in Turkey.  I am self-diagnosing myself allergic to wheat.

Without going into too much detail, I can honestly say that I’ve been testing this theory since we returned (Saturday afternoon) and I’m “winning” the tests.  All signs point to allergic.   Continue reading

okay, i get it.

Yes, I realize I am (very) late to the party on this one, but I learned something this weekend…

Organic produce tastes better.  Or maybe it’s organic produce from the new PCC down the street.  I’m honestly not sure, but here’s what I can say: I have spent too long looking for the deal, trying to save $0.10 on a bag of grapes.  So much so that I will on any given Sunday, visit three grocery stores for the satisfaction of having paid the least for everything we need.  This past weekend was a different story.


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here comes the sun

Can you hear me singing it?  I am.  In my head.  I spent last Thursday afternoon in a park, in a tank top, flipped up to get a little color on my otherwise pasty midsection.   It must have been 75 degrees!!!  Yes, three exclamation marks for that.  I live in Seattle.

I can feel it – summer is just around the corner.  I need to prepare.

Who doesn’t want this bathing suit?  It’s amazing.  And that hat.  I want the hat, too.



Enough afternoons in the park, and perhaps…



Every summer I tell myself I’m going camping.  Or at least for a long hike.  Why is it so hard?  And why doesn’t it look like this?



Um, yum?