the hangover

I’m so happy to share with you that I have a headache.  It means so many things: that I have no homework, that I presented my Capstone yesterday, that I went dancing last night, that I woke up with nothing to do today…but yoga. Ahhhh. This. Feels. So. Good.

I’ve been on Pinterest for the last 30 minutes.  Totally guilt free.  Look at all the fun things I found! Yes, I’ve been asking insistently if I’m getting a kitten for graduation.  No, I don’t think it’s happening.






sweet celebration

Grad school truly is like running a marathon.  And I think grad school while you’re working full-time is more like running a marathon with weights around your ankles and wrists.  It just feels like so. much. work. sometimes.  Errr… a lot of the time.  Which is why I am nothing less than elated feeling like I’m on the 24th or 25th mile, and at a water stop.  It’s spring break.  Officially.


Can’t wait to…Read guilt-free, maybe here


Get a manicure


Research for summatime


And hang out with my lobster


2 years

Happy anniversary, New York!

We’ve done so much together: graduate school, two internships, half a fellowship. We’ve walked hundreds of miles, ran a little, danced, yoga classed, meditation classed. We’ve had so many beautiful meals, and even more bagels (beautiful in their own right). We’ve people watched for days and scouted every worthy cup of coffee in lower manhattan and much of Brooklyn. We’ve seen live music, gone to outside movies in the summertime. We’ve joined the gym and quit. We’ve joined to coop and been suspended; joined a csa and manage to pay the bill every week. We’ve moved. We’ve bought furniture, books and a lot of clothes. Therapy re-entered the picture; so dis acupuncture while learning the great power of non-descript Chinese massage places (at 11 pm). We’ve been to California many, many times – we’ve hosted many a loved one. We’ve been joined by so many friends. We’ve gone on good dates and bad ones. We’ve been hurt and done a little hurting. We’ve cried in the subway a lot, and danced on the platforms when the song was too good to be ignored.

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As I anxiously begin the countdown to graduation – and let’s be honest, there’s a countdown to the end of this quarter going on already – I become more and more aware of  how much I am loving learning.  Time off in December was welcomed and necessary, but there was definitely something missing.  For all my complaining; for all the stress; and for all the (much) missed time with friends, I love widening my scope of the world through an article or essay, a paper, a research project.

I truly embrace the sense of purpose that goes hand in hand with the challenges of assignments due, presentations to create, and ultimately – time to manage.  I  like busy when busy means I’m learning.  I’ve just checked off week one of Winter Quarter, 2013, and I’m feeling energized and inspired.  The next ten weeks are about Advocacy & Public Policy, and (more) Leadership and Quality Management – study on!

What’s the dream?

I first read Alan Watt’s “The Wisdom of Insecurity” years ago. As per usual, my dad passed the book my way. And it changed me. In many ways, it was a huge door opener to me.

And I think it’s why one of my favorite questions for new people is – what’s your dream job? Along with what are you spending your time doing now.

I know we have visited this question before. You beautifully laid out your plans here. It’s been almost a year – what’s the current vision?