Owning It

I had an epiphany in the shower this morning.  I don’t think this will surprise those close to us, but here it is: bridgems is a really amazing writer, and she’s deep, in that super insightful natural writer kind of way.  Me…I can write, but when it comes to this blog, I have the most fun posting things I see on Pinterest, exercises I do (or want to do…) at the gym, and today – a new hairstyling trick that rocked my world. Yes, it did rock my world.  And I’m owning it.

But here’s the thing: I think it’s exactly this that has made our friendship so strong and special over the years.  We have plenty of similarities and often see the world through the same, or very similar lenses.  But we are oh so different, and I think we complement each other.

So here’s to our one year anniversary of blogging together – say what???


And to the new trick that rocked my world.  Have you ever used hot curlers?  My cousin’s girlfriend convinced me to go buy some and it’s amazing.  Unlike an iron, these heat up in 85 seconds and takes five minutes to pull your hair into (and I have a lot of hair).  You can then do your makeup while they set, and I swear it comes out like this or better… (yep, another bridgems-kelsemb difference: morning rituals – yoga and tea for her, gym and coffee and a loooong time for me to prepare for the day).

Oh, and I had to give a shout out to the newly engaged couple.  They had me over for dinner last night, much to their surprise.  The food was delicious, but what was better was soaking up all the love, seriously.


Candlelight BBQ

Seriously.  I cannot think of a better way to spend a warm September evening than barbecuing in the backyard with my honey, one of my very besties, and her hubby of seven weeks.  The sun is going down a little earlier, so we wound up lighting what felt like 100 tea lights just so that we could see our food.

On the Menu

  • Fancy & Gluten Free Crackers with Delice de Bourgogne Cheese – a little piece of cheesy heaven
  • Lots of Great Wine, Red and White
  • Fresh Cucumber Salad (thanks, Pinterest!)
  • Cuban Flank Steak (came across Kalyn’s Kitchen during a random search and love!)
  • Grilled Corn  – did a quick search on this and learned to carefully peel back the husk, remove the silk, and then tie the husks back together as if they’d never been peeled.  Soak the ears in water for about 10 minutes and only after that should you throw them on the grill.  They were perfect.

Also on the agenda Friday… apparently enjoying enough wine to inspire us to pull out the photo Teeny took of Joe the very first time we met.  He was so young!  We did a redo, and for kicks I threw on the “cowgirl” shirt I was wearing that night.  Thank you, Norms!

Seven years later, almost to the day!


From Guest Room to Den

Or from guest room to man cave, if you’re the honey.  We’ll let him keep thinking that’s what it is, and in the meantime I’m seriously seeking a solution that makes us both happy.

Here’s how I imagine the den…



Here’s how he imagines the  man cave…


Here’s what the room currently looks like…

I am not ashamed.  We have some work to do. I know we’re going to paint, and we’re thinking a very neutral cream color.  Any ideas?  On anything?  The dresser to the left is already gone in my mind, and I think we’re going to trade out the large, heavy TV on the right for a smaller one that can be mounted on the wall.

For what it’s worth, I’d categorize us as “happy modern” on Apartment Thearpy’s “decor styles”.

Websites or blogs that might help? I’ll take anything.


Ok, stupid.

It wasn’t that bad. But it was kind of amazing. In that is this really happening to me right now sort of way.

There are a few things near and dearth my heart, personally as professionally. The psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation hover at the core of my interests and support structure. I practice and I have a therapist. I imagine hanging my own shingle one day and teaching meditation. These are things that have wen in my life for a long time. I just spent 100k maneuvering the first hoop to clinical licensure.

Right. We know this.

So, over our first ore date phone call, imagine my enthusiastic surprise when homie was both a therapist and teacher of mindfulness. Awesome.

While he was upfront with his slight exaggeration in height, he did not through any flags as to his… Alternative career path.

Now, I am open to alternative education, clearly, and even more open to doing things in your own way. I am not open to when the alternative path infused with a little patriarchial dismissal for standards of training/licensure leads to unethical hand services. (alright, that was a mouth full).

Let’s quickly run trough the list of homie’s assaults:
He has never been in his own therapy
His interest in therapy started 18 months ago, he now has a full case load of 80 sessions a month
He charges exorbitant rates for his “sessions” (since it would be illegal to call it therapy)
He has a BA and competed a “couple of month” CBT intensive
He teaches meditation and mindfulness. No, he does not have a teacher or a personal practice.
He “teaches” people how to respond with emotional Intelligence in his sessions, by telling them how they they should have responded. To that point, he tells them that they are emotionally UNINTELLIGENT.

I couldn’t make this s*** up. He is like my arch ethical nemesis. It was a fantastic opportunity to practice my rebuttal skills.

It mad me mad but most loudly, protective of his clients and students. I only hope that regardless of my feelings about his path, that they do well in his care and through his instruction.as of they don’t, this xxxxx doesn’t turn turn them off to therapy and meditation for good. And for this guy, maybe he will see the light and do a wee bit more self development before he places his healing ways on the public.


Good for Traffic

I’m doing it. Okcupid date. Today. This evening in fact. I am meeting said suitor at MadSquareEats for some bougie delishishness. RIght after therapy. Interesting timing on my part.

Now, if we think back to my last okcupid date, it was hardly, well, it only produced a good story. And to be honest, I have felt a little defensive/over online dating since. Why subject myself to torturous company if there isn’t even some baseline attraction (other than photos online, which really mean very little).

But, in a sort of devotional gesture to the universe as to my openness to date now that school is over, I am going out. I instated a phone call first rule with this date (and all further online dates from here on out). I am a firm believer that voices tell much. And, if you have nothing else physical to go with for a first date, you might as well know you like the tone of the other’s voice.

This guy passed the phone test. He did fess up to slightly overestimating his height (maybe he is 5″11.5 not 6′). But he saved himself with a quick jib about how someone told him once about the law of attraction. If you put it out there, maybe it will come true. You know, that got my hippy new age heart.

So, here goes.


no expectations, I swear.