Ah! What to wear?

This week has been packed to the gills, and I woke up this morning without a good go to interview outfit. Oops. The standards I’ve had in my closet aren’t fitting right these days (thank you, yoga) which means I find myself in an HR lobby with slightly baggy pants. Double oops. Shopping for professional clothes is not something I’ve gotten deeply into. As someone with limited disposable income, I like the items I buy to work for any and all things. Generally, this means I dress California business casual, aka New York loungey. I get comments like “you always look so comfortable.” I like that. I also like the ability to take deep breaths and move my arms around. A yogi once said “change your clothes, change my life” and last week a friend said “you could probably do yoga in every outfit you wear”. This is okay with me.

That said, this look is not going to work for this round of interviews. I’ve got to pull off something new. One that says, sure I just got out of school a year ago, but I will happily and confidently run the psychosocial part of your service. And help with program development. And be a great team member. And liaison with hospital leadership and the joint commission. Got it, no problem. Just probably not while wearing Clark’s and black denim and trendy polka dots.








  1. I’m going to say that on this one, you should do like Christine. She picks Pinterest outfits and then buys what she needs to make them. Find your ideal interview outfit and make it happen! The good news is that you only need to make a great first impression once, so you can reuse, reuse, reuse!

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